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                 Square Strobe Light shown on a  bicycle seat, and in the package with the elastic strap and bicycle attachment bracket that comes with the light when ordered seperately). 

I accept Paypal for online shopping!

OR Please call to order: 509-529-8018 I accept a postal money order.  I can let you know the total with postage if you call!

Plastic hook on back, ON/OFF function switch on the bottom.  Flashes or stays on constant.  When purchased seperately comes with a bicycle attachment bracket and an elastic strap to attach to an arm or leg.

Key Benefits

bulletThree LEDs inside flash extremely brightly!
bulletLasts for 200-400 hours on 2 AA Batteries (Included).
bulletBatteries are easy to change!


Description SKU # Price
Square Strobe Light sku-6 $8.00 Each
Square Strobe Light Specials


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