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       Strobe lights, & also  lights shown clipped on items using the leather mount with metal hook. 

Also shown is the globe shaped lights for large and small pets and items!




Star shape,   Heart Shape,  Round design 

These lights have a bright strobing flash for safetyA little over 2 inches in diameter:  .  Plastic hook on back to clip to clothing.   On/OFF switch on back .  Batteries included! For something small, silent,  and light-weight, these are very bright!!

  This Strobe Light is available with a leather mount and small snap to attach this light to a zipper pull, or backpack, etc.


 We also have another globe shaped light that comes in 1 size, a  1 1/2 inch diameter size.  These lights last about 50 hours on replaceable watch batteries and flash in a circle around the light which gives them a 360 degree visibility.   They are very neat and bright to use.  The larger globe shaped lights come in red and work well on horses or  dogs. If you have any questions, please send me an email about them. 

Need a larger quantity of lights?? 

If you would like to order strobe lights as a promotional item with your business logo, you may order these lights from us at bulk prices.  Please e-mail us for the quantities and the prices.   We'd enjoy helping you!

Other shapes and colors are available by special order which include:

Round Strobe Lights: Red, green, blue, yellow, orange, clear, purple, and all flash in red.

Shaped Lights:  Houses, Christmas trees, lips, triangles, The United States, Hexagons, Shamrocks, Light bulbs, Stars, Hearts. 

These lights may be special ordered with a magnet on the back, too.

Key Benefits

bulletSmall,  silent, lightweight, and VERY BRIGHT!
bulletInterchangeable lights fit on our leather pet light mounts, hats, and leather zipper pull mounts.
bulletStrobe light lasts approx. 100 hours on two watch batteries (included).   Replacement batteries are available, too.


Small Strobe Light

Leather Mount & Snap

Batteries for Round, Star & Hearts/Set of Two

Large RED Globe Light with Snap

Description SKU # Price
Star shaped  1 $3.00each
Round shape:

Plain Red (no design),


2 $3.00 each
Hearts 3 $3.00 each


A.Strobe Light with Small Snap on a leather mount.

B.Globe Shaped Light Large


4 $8.00 each
Batteries for Round, Star or Heart Lights, set of two. 5 $3.00 a set.


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