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                Reflexite brand retro- reflective vehicle conspicuity tape.

  As seen on trucks and trailers, everywhere!  This product is absolutely incredible in reflecting headlights!   It is a superior product when compared to everything else that we have seen on any trailer or truck on the roadways.   We offer great prices on this popular product!   This is the V82 Classic line of Reflexite Tape that is the most reflective tape for night-time use. 

    Classic Vehicle Conspicuity Tape: 2" wide, RED/WHITE  (6 inch red,  6 inch white pattern) reflective tape applys easily to your truck or trailer.  Adhesive backed, just peel and stick to a clean, dry surface.  Durable, and tough enough for the demanding marine environment.  Withstands dirt, grime, and high pressure washing.   BRILLIANTLY reflective, this product is attractive, and really stands out at night!!    Use it on your mailbox, etc. too!  Sold by the running foot, or by the 150 foot roll.  Measure your trailer, and order today!

Please note:  If you would like to order by the running foot, fill out the  secure online form with your credit card information, and then E-mail us your name, and the number of feet you would like to order by regular E-mail.  

Key Benefits

bulletYou'll be glad you are using this product if you ever break down at night on the side of a busy freeway!!
bulletYour vehicle will be seen for blocks!
bulletVery durable, an outstanding product!  Department of Transportation approved!


Description SKU # Price
REFLEXITE vehicle conspicuity tape: by the foot. RED/WHITE combination. 23 $1.50 a running foot.
By the 150' Roll. RED/WHITE combination. 24 $175.00 each
Need 14 or more rolls?  You may choose from other colors available: 26 Solids:green, blue, white, yellow, red
Vehicle Conspicuity Tape By The Foot

Vehicle Conspicuity Tape By the 150' Roll

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