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Bucket Hat


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                                Reflective Bucket Hat with Strobe Light


100% Brushed Cotton Bucket Style Hats have REFLEXITE all the way around, encircling the crown of the hat.  We have also added a removeable strobe light on the front!  Color: white.  We are marking these hats down in price!   We don't have too many of these left.  


Key Benefits

bulletBe seen for BLOCKS!
bulletHats are washable in cold water, line dry, when the light is removed.
bulletBright strobe light is lightweight, lasts for approx. 100 hours on two replaceable watch batteries(included). Replacement batteries are available, too!


Description SKU # Price
Bucket Hat 21 $15 each.
Replacement batteries: set of two 5 $3.00 a set
Reflective Bucket Hat & Strobe Light



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